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My Open Letter To The Residents of Milton:

While much has changed at the Town of Milton since I last served you between 1991 and 2006 and much will change, moving forward, what won’t change is my commitment to serving you in a high-quality fashion as your Town Councillor.
I helped thousands of Miltonians with their problems during the first 15 years I served on Milton Council and that personal assistance has continued since last Summer, when I announced I was planning to seek election. At this writing, I have helped almost 100 local residents since that time.
As is my personal style, I respond to all emails within hours of receiving same and, once the matter has concluded one way or another, I typically follow-up with an explanatory note written on my letterhead, complemented by my business card and any other relevant documentation pertaining to the matter. I can’t and won’t promise that I can resolve any and all issues, but I do promise a fair hearing by Town staff or myself.
Supporting my personal communications with you is a newsletter that will publish twice annually, once following approval of the Town’s annual operating budget and again just prior to Summer. The first newsletter was distributed by Canada Post in early March 2019. The next edition will publish before July 1st and again in late December, following approval of the 2020 Operating and Capital budgets. Electronic versions of the newsletter are also posted on this website.
My major areas of focus on your behalf are as follows:
1. Returning the Town of Milton to financial sustainability, such that annual tax increases are no greater than the rate of inflation. The Core Service Review that I campaigned on has now been implemented and will go some distance towards achieving that goal;
2. Helping to focus the Town of Milton on an affordable, achievable and sustainable growth plan. As you know, I am concerned about the current planning direction that the Town has embarked on and I believe any long-term plan must reflect what is in Milton’s best interests first, rather than those of the Province of Ontario or the Region of Halton;
3. Evolving the Town of Milton to a model of proactivity, particularly as that relates to bylaw enforcement tactically, but also as it pertains to general operational execution and capital investment, strategically.
It is still early days and, while some progress has been made in each of these areas, there is still much more work to be done.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by email or telephone. 
Your call, email or letter will always be welcomed by me.


John Challinor II

Town Councillor, Ward 2
Town of Milton