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Public Endorsements

Over the many years I have served with John on Milton Council, I have always found him to be hard-working, committed to serving the needs of Milton taxpayers and ensuring the constituents of Ward 2 are effectively represented. As we recover from the pandemic and with important, long-term planning decisions coming locally, John’s experience and voice is needed now more than ever. We need John back on Milton Council and that is why I will be voting for John on October 24th
– Rick Malboeuf, Regional Councillor, Ward 2, Town of Milton

John Challinor has proven himself to be a steady hand and a strong voice for residents in his ward on Milton Town Council. His track record on fiscal accountability is second to none and has championed a number of initiatives including the service delivery review which identified potential savings & efficiency improvements. John Challinor has provided Milton Council with a reasoned approach to many issues we are facing in Milton. For the voters in Ward 2, the best choice is to re-elect John Challinor for Local Councillor.
– Mike Cluett, Regional Councillor, Ward 3, Town of Milton

It has been a pleasure working with John over the past few years. John is a strong advocate for the residents of Milton and really understands the issues faced by residents and local businesses.

Parm Gill, Member of Provincial Parliament, Milton, Government of Ontario

In the 15 years I have known him, John has been a fiscally responsible, reliable and respected leader in the Milton community. For his many years of exemplary service to our country, I was proud to present John the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.  His  experience and understanding of the issues in Milton would make him an excellent councillor for our town.  I encourage you to read his biography and platform and consider voting for John Challinor II for Ward 2.

The Honourable Lisa Raitt P.C.
Former, Member of Parliament, Milton


I have lived in Milton for over 35 years and have had the privilege of knowing John as a long serving Councillor who has dedicated his time and support to the Milton community. He has always addressed my queries and concerns and takes the time to respond with a fact-based explanation and any results from the outcome. An example was my concern regarding traffic flow and traffic light co-ordination on Thompson at the intersections of Childs, Nipissing, and Drew Centre.  John investigated the situation & subsequently an advanced left-turn signal was activated at Childs and Thompson.  This was a result of John’s undertaking. John has always put the needs of his constituents and the Town of Milton first. He is fiscally responsible, has a strong business sense and always communicates in a clear and concise manner. I strongly endorse John for re-election. He is someone that I trust to address the challenges and changes of our town as it continues to grow and evolve. John’s commitment and council experience, over many years, has established him as a respected Councillor who will best represent us as we move forward. I will be voting for John Challinor on Oct 24, 2022.

Rob Musclow 



John Challinor is one of the most community-minded people I have ever met. He has a genuine desire to serve the public and has demonstrated this through countless hours of community service with various organizations over the years as well as through his many years on Council. John always takes the time to thoroughly understand the many complex issues that the Town faces, listen to his constituents and then tirelessly work for the greater good of Milton.

–  Jim Laidlaw

John Challinor has been an advisor, friend and mentor to our family for almost 25 years. In recognition of my father’s athletic leadership and philanthropy, John recommended to Halton Board of Education that one of its Milton schools be named for him. That has created the opportunity for our family to mentor many young Miltonians, which is helping to create a more inclusive environment across our growing community. John also assisted in the development of the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation, our family foundation, which is helping children in a number of Ontario hospitals have a better Christmas. John has a long history of getting things done in our community for all the right reasons. Milton needs John back on Milton Council.”    
– Tiger Jeet Singh, Jr. 

John was always the one we called when we needed to address a concern. We have never known a councillor who was so approachable and who followed up with such diligence — even when he represented another ward. He never let us down. He investigated and came back to us and our neighbours with a clear picture of the situation. It was always documented so well. He went to bat for the neighbourhood and succeeded in keeping our woodlot on the Town’s radar — and protecting it for future enjoyment of the new trail walkers. His experience, now that the town has grown, is needed more than ever. It has become apparent that a person with John’s knowledge is necessary to help move us smoothly forward to be the community we hope to be in the years to come.

– Anne Ptolemy

The absolute best choice-John cares passionately about Milton-he always has.

– Jim Cassidy

I would like to give a shout out to John B. Challinor II, Town Councillor, Ward 2, for his prompt reply and follow-up to a traffic light matter at James Snow Parkway and Trudeau Drive that we raised. Very impressed with his professionalism . Thank you kindly 

– Anthony Vizzini 

Thank-you so much for everything you have done to help me. You took the time to make things happen for me and I will always remain grateful. Thank-you for truly caring about the people of Milton. Wish you continued best!

– Antonella Commodaro

John. Thanks for all you have done for the people of Milton and residents of Ward 2! You are a true Champion for Miltonian’s new and old. Your experience, knowledge of our town and direction cannot be matched!
– Owen Gray

You are a long time, lifetime Miltonian and have ALWAYS had this towns best interests at heart and at the forefront of your platform. You will always have my vote JC! Best of luck!

– Eddie Loeprich

Thank you John for doing all the great work. We need more people like you on the council to get things done. All the best.

– Abhisek Bansal

We have lived here in Milton for 43 years and have had several municipal representatives over the last 4 decades. John is an outstanding Councillor. He has responded to our concerns immediately, contacted  the pertinent municipal departments on our behalf and replied promptly in writing. We wish you every success in the upcoming election.

– Christine and Ken Marvell

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank John Challinor for the work he has done to ensure Milton’s by-laws are applied equally in Dorset Park. Having lived in Dorset Park for 46 years, there have been occasions when we have had to contact our councillor to have by-laws enforced. John is the only councillor who has acted upon complaints and resolved issues. I hope he is victorious in the upcoming elections.
Steven Seeds


Miltonians in general, and Ward 2 residents in particular, are fortunate to have a town councilor. It is wonderful that you are running for re-election in October of this year. I voted for you last time and have never had one reason to regret it. You certainly have my vote this time too. Happy to advocate for you in any way I can. Having a lawn sign was a good start! I appreciate your professionalism, service orientation, integrity, approachability, fiscal thinking, and always bearing in mind what’s best for Milton (short & long term). Your website is well designed and has relevant content in a concise manner. That includes your track record, election platform, impressive endorsements, and community news. I strongly encourage my fellow ward 2 residents to take a look at John’s website and vote for him on October 24, 2022! I am confident that John will continue delivering on his commitments to Milton. All the best John!
– Srikanth Amudhan

John Challinor represents all that is posted on his facebook cover. He has been a leader for years on Milton Council, has numerous years of experience and is one of the few fiscal watchdogs that didn’t take a pay increase, I trust him totally. He also fought against 25 story condos in our subdivision. Thanks for your service to our community.

– Doug Ducharme

John was instrumental in helping us with a long standing problem with the people who own the property next door and were using it as a Party House with large numbers of vehicles and horrendous noise. Milton Council approved community wide by laws & regulations for Short Term Rentals, to control these residential nuisances, earlier this year. We thank John for assisting and pushing for an after hours phone number plus, staff and
contact information. We wish you all the very best in the coming election.

-Brad & Jo-Anne Clements

“I’m a Ward 2 resident in Milton and I can confidently say that John is dedicated to his constituents and can deliver results to really make things happen in Milton. My first experience with John was when I had a concern about something in the community. I called his office and he personally picked up on the first ring. From there, he listened to my concern, took it seriously, and then took action to raise it immediately with the right people on town staff. Resolving the issue took some time on account of delays outside of John’s control, but he doggedly pursued the issue on my behalf. He didn’t let it slide, and he also personally hand-delivered updates to my door to keep me informed of the progress and where things stood. In the end, John was successful in getting the issue resolved and also identified a broader root cause that town staff have committed to reviewing and looking into. He made things happen and took steps to make sure this issue doesn’t repeat itself. And that is why I’m voting for John.”

– Peter Tenneson, Ward 2 resident

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